Take your brain for a spin!

SPINNERZ is a simple logic puzzle game for Android devices.

Addictive and challenging, it can be played as a relaxing pass time activity,
or, if taken seriously, as an exercise in logical thinking, strategy, wit and intuition.

The game consists of 384 puzzles, distributed across 24 levels of increasing complexity,
from training levels, designed to shape up your skills,
across moderately hard tasks for a casual gameplay,
to the demanding ones, intended for true masters.

Each level features a different color scheme, carefully selected
and applied to an elegant minimalistic design to please your eyes
and satisfy your daily need for visual beauty.



How to play SPINNERZ

Tap on a spinner to rotate it by one circular segment at a time. Use the button in the upper right corner to switch between clockwise and counter-clockwise direction.

How to play SPINNERZ

When you rotate a spinner, all adjacent spinnerz rotate simultaneously, each by their base step. The rotation of adjacent spinnerz varies from puzzle to puzzle and can be in the same or in the opposite direction in relation to the spinner that's been tapped on (which is indicated by the symbol at the bottom left).

How to play SPINNERZ

The aim is to place all spinnerz
at 12 o'clock position.
Once you've done it, you can share the result, brag about it and challenge your friends.

P.S. All puzzles are solvable!

Got it?

Now try it in practice!
Here's an example puzzle (of a moderately
hard kind), just to get a taste of the game.*
you can just grab the whole bunch of 384 puzzles,
which contains both easier and harder challenges than this one,
by following this link on your Android device.

It's free, so... why not?

*You will need Unity plugin in order to play this little sample in your web browser.

SPINNERZ puzzle is made by OKTAL studio.

All rights reserved.

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